No Water!

Remember my post about how it happened why the current house we’re renting has no water? Well, until now we don’t yet have it! This time it’s not the fault of the owner of the house coz we knew that he already apply for connection few months ago and we saw the receipt that he already paid! I never thought the processing could be this UBER SLOWtension! We supposed to transfer last month but as I told you we received the notice that they’ll start drilling on March 29. When we follow up on March 29, the owner said he is still waiting a call from the municipality for payment. After the payment, the work will be started. He was called on the first week of April and he paid the required amount. They supposed to start drilling the road for the pipes on April 8 but no one came. Last week is Songkhran, so they have excuse to be on holiday. I just hope that tomorrow they’ll start drilling and digging and whatever it requires to GIVE US WATER! If they’ll do that we’ll have water after 3 days! What a relief it would be! In this kind of situation, patience is needed. We’ve waited already for MORE THAN 2 MONTHS so I’m sure we can still wait for few more days. Oh help us God! Getting angry will not help us, we’re foreigners here, we can’t speak their language…so I better suppress my ill-feeling toward the WHOEVER RESPONSIBLE to connect us to WATER!

If your in my shoes, what would you dofikir?

Move? WE can’t do that anymore. We’re on vacation and we don’t have salary to be expected on the last week of this month. How convenient sedih!

If only we have enough budget, then and there I’ll pack our things and move even if it means we’ll not receive our deposit money of 3,500 baht! But we don’t have garupale? What do you want me to do? That’s why I said PATIENCE is what we need this time of CRISIS!