Guess what?

In the afternoon before heading home, I handed the letter I made for the landlord. He wasn’t there so I asked his helper to give it to him. I’m really furious at that time. If only I have enough money we’ll move right at that moment. When we reached home, we’re shocked to find out that FINALLY there’s the water meter waiting for us outside. it means we already have water! All my anger vanished in the thin air (ganoon talaga ako madaling mawala yong galit ko). It seems that I wanted to take back what I’ve written for the landlord. We went back to the landlord’s house hoping he was there or else we’ll just take back the letter. Unfortunately, he wasn’t there. Maybe he went to a friend who could translate the English writing into Thai so that he could understand because the helper has already handed to him our letter. I told my hubby that we’ll just leave it like that. We’ll just wait for him.

Saturday came, we decided to take a look of the house that my hubby saw awhile ago. It’s very huge and has a very spacious front yard and backyard but the owner asked too much- 14,500 baht before we could move (that’s according to their neighbor). We saw that the house is very old, electrical wirings are so messy and there’s no kitchen! I really wonder why most Thai houses don’t have kitchen. They’re used to just eat outside…

I’m tired of moving so I asked hubby that we’ll just stay in our current house and we’ll just move if we could find a better place. I thank God that finally God ended our misery. We enjoyed the water and I’ve done general cleaning to once again make our house spotless!


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