Sundials: Perfect for our future garden

Hubby and I are both Agronomy major. For the sake of those who don’t know the term, Agronomy is the science and technology of producing and using plants for food, fuel, feed, fiber, and reclamation. Simply put, we had done intensive study about plants aside from being educators. We shared the same passion for plants, for nature. But I don’t have much experience on this field compared to my hubby. On weekends, my hubby who can’t handle wasting his time by just sitting around and watching movies, he’s busy tending his precious plants and orchids. He has that natural skill in gardening. In other words, he’s a green thumb- who seems to be able to get plants to grow well just by being around, by talking or even playing music.

our little garden

We’re living in a city but we’re glad that the apartment we found and rented has a small place for us to tend our plants, to have our little garden. Once we discussed that if  we’ll have our own place, we love to have a garden where we could landscape the site and ornament it with garden sundials. Here’s the photo of a garden sundial I found from 1001 that would be perfect for our future garden:

Cast Iron Sundial Pedestal Sale Price: $167.99

With a beautiful garden and antique-looking garden sundials, it would be a sure hit that our garden stands out exclusively. It will offer us special signature mark in the region.

You may ask us why Sundials and not garden fountain as the focal point of the garden? Maybe because I love history and I love to remind myself through this piece that in ancient times, people relied on sundials to mark the passage of hours and minutes. It’s inspirational piece of how ancient people tell the time without watches or clock! Isn’t that genious?

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