Banquet Staff Jobs in Thailand

Aside from teaching jobs available here in Thailand, Filipino are flocking in here for hotel jobs, restaurant and Banquet Staff Jobs in Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi, Koh Samui and other popular resorts! I got a sister who’s taking up Hotel and Restaurant Administration at Philippine Women’s University and on their internship they’re free to choose where to do their internship trainings. If budget allows, we would love to have her internship here in Thailand. I heard that Phuket hotels (4 hours away from Hatyai City) are accepting Filipino interns. Interns are expected to set up the banquet hall with tables, chairs, tablecloths, silverware, centerpieces, and other guest-related items such as name tags or gifts. As part of the Banquet staff , they will also prepare the food in advance, cutting vegetables, preparing trays of appetizers, plating salads and deserts. Anything that can be done in advance before the guests arrive will be included in the prep work. They’ll be responsible for serving drinks and appetizers before guests head to their tables. Others may check coats and hats. Depending upon how the seating arrangements have been finalized, they may also help escort guests or assist them in finding their tables. It is up to the wait staff to keep the event moving forward. They must be cognizant of the agenda while serving guests and keeping them happy. To summarize, interns as part of hotel, restaurant or banquet staff , they should prepare and set up the seating for guests, prepare the food and drinks, serve guests, clean up after guests, break down the room, and store things in the proper location for the next service. This could be fun and challenging for my sister!


5 Ideas For Eye-Catching Halloween Window Decorations

Here in Thailand we didn’t decorate our houses for Halloween. You can only see Halloween decorations in department stores. But I did find some eye-catching Halloween Window Decorations on TV. They’re featuring eye-catching Halloween window decorations (not to mention really scary and creepy!) every now and then. Here are 5 popular eye-catching Halloween window decorations that some people are really doing them on their own to celebrate Halloween:


Halloween decorating ideas

Haunted houses usually have cobwebs because there’s no living person living in there. You can’t have spiders without cobwebs! There are plenty of cobweb decorations available to buy in store, that’ll stretch all across the surface of your windows. If you want to make your own then you can cut shapes out of cardboard or create intricate spider web patterns using string. You can also use old cotton balls you may have lying around – just quickly tear them up and add them to your current window display.

Autumn Window Decorations

Halloween decorating idea from

 Some people go with the autumn theme for their Halloween window decorations. This means leaves, dried flowers, and vegetables like pumpkins. One idea is to go foraging and create your own Halloween garlands for the window. Or you could buy false leaves if you want to keep using them again and again, year after year. The beauty of autumn decorations is that you can keep them up for longer even after Halloween is finished.

Spiders And Bats

Some of the simplest and most popular decorations come in the form of hanging spiders and bats. These can be made at home using cardboard and/ or pipe cleaners, and hung down the glass using pieces of string. They may be simple, but they help create the atmosphere for anyone passing by and looking at your home.

Halloween Curtains

Halloween Curtain by Colleen featured at

Some people go as far as to put up Halloween themed curtains at this time of the year. You’ll find all sorts of decorated curtains available to buy in store or online, though if you’re going for an overall spooky theme in the home then you may choose simple Gothic velvet to match the rest of your Halloween decor. Although curtains cost more than other Halloween decorations, they’re cost effective if you plan on using them year after year.

Life-Sized Halloween Dummies

If you want to go one step further than everyone else then why not decorate your windows with life-sized Halloween dummies? That could mean a mummy staring out at passersby, a zombie trying to escape from your home, or even the model of a skeleton staring out of your window. These create an excellent and scary display for those outside of your home.

I can’t really say Happy Halloween to you coz it’s not for me rather it’s scary , freaky and frightening -reminds me of SCREAM!

Eco Friendly Tips To Make Halloween A Green One

For those who are celebrating Halloween, let me remind you that though it’s one of the fantastic evenets of the year for both young and olds, it could also mean lots of waste with all those decorations, the costumes, candy and more! Let me offer you some eco friendly tips to consider to make your Halloween more green :

1) Get Creative With Your Decorations

When it comes to incorporating eco friendly tips into Halloween, you may just find that it makes things even more fun! You don’t need to buy plastic decorations from the store: take advantage of what nature has to offer and decorate your home with leaves, pumpkins, apples and natural candles. Don’t forget to choose reusable plates and cutlery instead of disposable items if you really want to do the best you can for the environment.

2) Recycle Your Halloween Costumes

Eco friendly tips almost always revolve around reusing or recycling so you don’t have to buy new, and Halloween is no different. By renting a costume, making your own from old costumes or reusing costumes you’ve bought in previous years, you’ll be doing your bit to reduce waste this Halloween. Try making your costumes out of old clothes that would have otherwise been thrown away, or buy second hand clothing at low prices to use for fabric.

3) Choose Your Halloween Candy Wisely

By choosing your Halloween candy wisely, you’ll be helping to protect your kids’ health as well as the environment. Take a trip to your local health food store to see what’s on offer. Opt for organic treats that aren’t full of artificial ingredients, as well as fair trade chocolate or even homemade baked treats.

4) Reusable Halloween Bags

We all need bags to carry around our Halloween treats, but they needn’t be bad for the environment. Instead of plastic or paper bags, get your hands on some reusable bags that can be recycled for many years to come. Canvas bags are an excellent choice – take a look around stores to see if you can find any Halloween-themed bags, or simply decorate a plain canvas bag yourself.

5) After Halloween Is Over

Out of all the eco friendly tips, what you do with everything after the event really does matter. Don’t just throw away pumpkins, use them for compost, and try to keep any decorations you bought so they can be used again next year. If you did end up buying a costume and won’t wear it again, give it to a friend or donate it. Every little gesture helps!

Low Budget Ideas for a Romantic Anniversary

Hubby and I just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary last October 18. Since the beginning of our relationship, we celebrate each special time without spending loads of money. What is important is that we spend the time together, enjoying each others company and renewing our love for each other.

For those looking to celebrate an anniversary while on a budget, try a memorable but affordable approach.

Getting Out
o A night before our anniversary, we go out and enjoy a nice dinner at a Japanese restaurant. It’s a newly-opened restaurant so they’re offering a promo price. We’re able to book and enjoyed a dinner which is new to both of us. We only spent less than $15 for our sumptuous dinner!

Other ideas are to in a movie at a budget movie theater or considering lunch to reduce dining expenses. Community activities and free events, including poetry readings and art exhibits, provide an adventure for couples who enjoy the arts. Keep it simple and focus on your interests and hobbies. Take a hike in a local nature center or enjoy the day at the beach.

Night at Home
o Most of the time, we celebrate at home. We just grab some of our favorite movies and spend a night with our favorite stars. We’ll buy take-out dinner or pizza. If we only have bathtub and wider space in our bathroom, we could spice up the anniversary celebration at home with a spa experience, complete with a bubble bath, champagne and chocolates. If it’s not rainy season, we love to get outside and enjoy a night under the stars, perhaps next to a romantic fire.

Other Options
o My hubby loves to let me shop on our anniversary and he’ll pay for what I shop. This time of the year, I bought a pair of Levi’s skinny jeans ad ESP blouse! Last year, we shopped and instead of buying for myself, I surprised him with Joe Rocket Jackets !

How do you celebrate your anniversary of being together – wedding anniversary or the anniversary of meeting or the anniversary of starting to live together?

Apple iPod Touch

When money’s not tight anymore, I wanted to invest on an Apple iPod Touch. It’s the latest in the line of famous touch screen iPod MP3 players.

Apple iPod Touch

iPod Classic Vs iPod Touch

According to Apple, the iPod touch is more than an MP3 music player – it is a portable computer and games player rolled into one. This is what sets the Touch apart from the traditional iPod. The Touch also brings users into contact with a huge variety of ‘Apps’ that can perform pretty much any function under the sun. They include games, educational apps, lifestyle and more! I am more interested on playing my fave music and educational apps that I could use in school.

Features of the Apple iPod Touch

* Audio playback for: AAC, MP3, MP3 VBR, Audible, Apple Lossless, AIFF, WAV
* Video playback for: MPEG-4, H.264
* Picture viewing: JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP
* USB charging,
* Comes with Apple earphones,
* Includes remote and microphone.

As a wise buyer (I’m trying to be) it is beneficial if we weigh the pros and cons of any product we plan to purchase to determine if it’s really worth the investment.

Pros of the Apple iPod Touch

The 3rd generation iPod touch is designed with faster performance in mind. As with any other of the iPod models, it comes in a fantastic sleek and trendy design, with a high quality screen and good sound quality that will support a wide variety of formats.

When compared to previous incarnations of the iPod, this model features a much larger RAM, loads faster, includes larger storage for a similar price, and comes with new earphones that include a remote and microphone in-built.

Voice control is particularly useful for people who like to use their iPod when they’re busy doing other things, as it allows you to control the music with your voice alone. Simple commands such as ‘shuffle’ will make sure the player does exactly what you need.

Cons of the Apple iPod Touch

For users who already have the second generation iPod touch, they may not experience a noticeable enough difference to justify the added expense of buying a new version. For this reason, it is not generally worth upgrading unless you use a number of intensive applications that would particularly benefit from the faster loading time.

The iPod Touch is also more costly than the iPod classic, but can be more cost effective for those who have a need for a more all-encompassing solution with its variety of apps.


As for me who has never owned an iPod before, I really can’t beat the design and features included in the iPod Touch. Before I learned about the iPod touch, I’m already eyeing for the colorful smaller version- iPod Nano because it’s sleek enough to carry around wherever I want alongside with the ipod nano accessories  . But truthfully the Touch is sleek enough to carry around .

Apple iPod Nano