Tips on having Cheap Nights Out With the Family

What’s your ideal night out with the family? As much as we want to go out as a family regularly for an evening of fun, we can’t do it because going out frequently in this big city of Hatyai could cost more than our average family can afford. Anyhow, after careful planning, we manage to enjoy a night as a family on Fridays or Saturdays while saving money at the same time. How?

1. Going to the park. We either spend a night at PSU park or at a mini-park beside Diana Department Store. It’s FREE, with food vendor around selling cheap Thai delicacies and fresh air! We could walk around the man-made lake holding hands. It’s family time with exercise!

2. Pizza and Arcade. Another great night out with my family is to enjoy a family size pizza and then playing games in an arcade. Not only will we have a great meal that is inexpensive, but the arcade games are generally inexpensive as well. I can give hubby and our toddler $2-3 in quarters and let them play until they are gone.

This December, we want to visit again Hatyai Municipal Park for their Lantern festival. I’m looking forward to visit the park’s ice dome to give my family a taste of what life is in countries with snow. The entry is about $10 per head. They’ll provide you with winter jackets and gloves. I’ve been told to wear boots and thick socks because it’s extremely cold in there. I want to enjoy our time together exploring the ice sculptures and ice sliding! I can’t wait!

How about you? How do you spend your family night out without dishing a fortune?

Why Men Use Sex Enhancements?

It can’t be denied that one of the greatest gifts of marriage life is sex. It’s the most satisfying expression of love that exists in a relationship between husband and wife. It can fill your life with colors. Sex is the significant aspect of life that gives one the feeling of fullness and can unite two souls. Alas! There are millions of men who are debarred from enjoying this pleasure because they suffer from a sexual dysfunction such as erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction commonly known as impotence in men occurs when the men are unable to maintain penile erection. In many cases, men hardly attain an erection. Such a health condition expels one to seek pleasure during a sexual intercourse. Various psychological factors are responsible to contribute to erectile dysfunction. But physical discrepancy remains the major factor. The hardening of penile arteries restricts the blood flow to the penis which prevents attaining an erection.

With the increasing concern over men’s sexual health, the pharmaceutical industry has launched various male sexual enhancement products to cure erectile dysfunction. These products- cream and pills are designed to increase the blood flow to the penis by relaxing the smooth muscles. It helps to achieve an erection when men are sexually aroused. A harder quality erection can kindle men’s sexual appetite. It further helps them to reach an orgasm giving men complete ecstasy during those intimate moments.

If a man is experiencing occasional and/or minor problems when it comes to sustaining an erection, he may find it of some benefit to use some of the male sexual enhancement products that can often be ordered on the Internet or can be purchased from a sexual aids store. In this case these male sexual enhancement products can be a help to give a man a boost in confidence. Many times just feeling good about his ability to perform is all that a man needs to effectively deal with some forms of sexual dysfunction. Men like to please their partners. At the end of the day, they want to see the respect in the eyes of their lovers. Contentment in sex is necessary for a relationship to continue smoothly. Male sex enhancement prodcuts help them to achieve it- ignite desire for sex and ensures to give men complete satisfaction with their partner in bed.

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Tips and Checklist on Backpacking

Have you tried backpacking? I’ve witnessed lots of backpackers coming here in Thailand during summer and holiday season. I haven’t tried yet traveling abroad with only a backpack for all the things I need! With only a pack on your back, the possibilities of new sightseeing and activity adventures are limitless.

If ever you plan on backpacking, you must make sure that you bring all the things you need to put in your backpack. Below is a checklist that would help your backpacking adventure a pleasant experience:

  • Backpack . First and foremost, this is what you need. Of course, how can you go for a wild backpacking activity without a backpack! Figure out which backpack size to buy – both in terms of fit and capacity. When buying a backpack, you need to ask yourself two questions before anything else: “How long is my backpacking trip?” and “Which season do I go on backpacking?” Pick a backpack just the right size to hold whatever you need. When in doubt, it’s okay to go up a size in terms of capacity, though. You’ll only be adding a little weight for quite a bit more room.
  • Clothing. Prepare all the clothes you would like and needed to take in advance.
  • Quick-drying towel. You don’t want a heavy, damp towel on your backpack, do you?
  • Walking shoes. Pick comfortable shoes as you would learn soon enough that walking would be a major part in your backpacking adventure. Make sure that the bases of your shoes were not slippery for your going up or coming down the slope. Be sure that it’s sturdy enough to survive wet surfaces too.
  • Underwear and socks. These go without saying. But I included this in the checklist in case you might need a reminder..he..he..This reminds me of a friend who went on a trip having all the essentials she need except her underwear! Personally the only thing I find worse than washing clothes is wearing dirty underwear, so I like to take about 5-7 underwears and 4 pairs of socks.
  • Pillow case. This is essential especially if you stay in backpacker hostels!
  • Sleeping Bag. If you intend to sleep in a hostel, then just bring on your sleeping bag along with you as some hostels will not provide any covers. This is also convenient in airport terminals where you need to stay for a night waiting for your flight the next day.
  • Passport and other important travel documents. Don’t even think of leaving the country without them. Make photocopies of all your important papers and save the images on a USB key or even better on your email.
  • Money belt: It consists of a belt with a pocket that you wear under your clothes. It is great for travelling around as it keeps the worry off pickpockets. You can put your passport and your money in it. Remember that a money belt is complementary to a wallet. A wallet is much more practical so take one with you and keep just your money for the day inside.
  • Day Pack. Most of backpacks come with a detachable day pack. It’s essential to go around and visit places without the hassle of carrying heavy and gigantic backpack.
  • Camera. It doesn’t matter if you have digicam or DSLR as long as you can capture all the beautiful sites you’ve visited and bring them home.
  • Journal or any writing pad. For the writer and chronicler in you. It’s fun to write what fun and challenges you’ve encountered along the way. It’s the best way to remind you what you experienced.
  • Flip flops or slippers. This is useful when you take a shower.
  • Traveler’s Checks. You can never be too sure with your money. They are safer than notes but I find it hard to find someone who can accept them. The only choice I had is to find a bank where to change them for cash though.
  • Wet wipes. Always come in handy when you don’t have access of water to wash your hands or face. Wet wipes offer you the comfort of being ‘clean’ anywhere and at any moment.
  • Rain Coat. It can rain anywhere and if you are not equipped, it can really make your time harder and uncomfortable. Bring one especially if you travel on a rainy season or you’re going to tropical countries like those in Southeast Asia or South America.
  • Lock/Pad Lock. Bring one for the safety of your belongings. I personally prefer the code combination locks as I do not have to worry about loosing the keys.
  • First aid kit with band aids. It’s better to be prepared than not at all. If you have a little cut or you got blisters from walking for miles, then believe me you will be happy you have something to clean them and protect the area.
  • Travel Guide. Try picking a comprehensive yet easy-to-carry travel guide.
  • Insect/Mosquito repellent.
  • Personal items such as toothpaste, deodorant, soap, and shampoo all in travel-size.
  • Lightweight Backpacking Tents. Essential for backpackers who visited a place without access to lodging house or for those who simply wanted to experience sleeping outdoor like in a park or near a beach.

Do I miss one? I would love to hear your ideas and add them on my checklist. Thank you.

2 Ways my Family Did to Save Money on Organic Food

I could say I’m blessed to spend my childhood years spent in a farm. Though we‘re not rich financially, we’re richly blessed to dine with fresh fruits and vegetables all through the time. We don’t spend a dime to enjoy organic food! Now that we’re living in Hatyai city, I find it that purchasing organic food is usually much more expensive than conventional food! Because I don’t want my family to eat pesticides with our food, I don’t have other choice but to shop at an organic store. After living in this foreign city for about 4 years, I’ve learned to keep the cost down on organic food. Here are 2 ways I did to save money on organic food:

1. Grow your own. We’re fortunate that in our rented apartment we have a space for our plants as well as a garden space! We grow our own pechay, pepper, tomatoes, calamansi, camote tops and malunggay! For a best growing condition, we have organic soil together with organically produced seeds or plants. In this way, we’re ensured we get the full flavor and benefit.
Even if you have a minimal space, you can use small containers. These containers can be placed anywhere that receives a reasonable amount of daylight, which means that you can use them on balconies or other hard surfaces.

2. Local markets. We visit a local market near our place. Organic food is just one of the varieties of items sold there but the prices are very, very good indeed. Of course they are all local suppliers and with several of them in one place we benefit from healthy competition and get to sample lots of fruits!

How about you? How do you save money on organic food?

5 Ways To Dress Up Your Bath on Budget

On weekends I really see to it that our bathroom is spotlessly clean. If I could find time and spare a budget, I want to turn our bath into a relaxing and soothing retreat for myself and my guests. I already gathered ideas on how to materialize my plan without spending a lot of cash. How? Here are 5 ways to dress up your bath in a flash for little cash:

1. Get rid of clutter! It’s a relief to spend your early morning in bath without clutter. Stow your collection of rubber duckies and other bath and body items in drawer organizers, attractive trays, or decorative bins. You’ll be amazed at how much space you gain and how neat the room will look with just your cosmetic clutter hidden.

2. Keep things simple: Direct the eye with color, accessories, and artwork that doesn’t necessarily include Ariel or Flipper. The overall effect will be lovely.

3. Mirror Makeovers. Swap rectangular mirrors for curvier round or oval versions. Mirrors hung on opposing walls make a space look larger, so don’t limit yourself to just one.

4.Paint the whole room, including the ceiling a deep, rich color. Even though this is a small room, a deep color on the walls allows them to fade away, and at once makes the room cozy and seems more spacious.

5. Lastly, add some detail to the room. Add colorful plastic bin under the sink or next to the tub for your rolled towels. Add a shell for a soap dish or much better use liquid soap in a tasteful dispenser. Customize a solid shower curtain with contrasting ribbon, rickrack, or even a sprinkling of silk flowers. Hang some calendar pictures on the wall in dollar store frames…perhaps of a faraway place you can dream about as you soak away your cares? If you have natural light in the room from a window, add a plant or two.

Now light up some candles, turn on some music, and fill your corner baths with sweet smelling bubbles. Your getaway awaits!