This is my knight in a shining armor

My home won’t be complete without this gallant man by my side:

I felt so blessed to have a special man. This man is the first and the last that captured my heart . He’s the one that let me feel the joy of what it is to love and beloved. He didn’t just give me roses. Instead he planted them for me. He didn’t indulge me with chocolates. Chocolates are not good for women who’s desperate to lose weight. He knew I’m one of those struggling women. He never complains on how I keep the house nor how I cook our meals-some were burnt, some tasted plainly bland. He’s forever faithful. I never have to worry about where he is or what he’s doing. He’s my best friend, always willing to listen when I have a need. His gentleness and kindness never fail. He fulfilled my dreams of becoming a wife and a working mom. He’s my hubby-my only dear Joseph.

My hubby with his female colleagues. You should have seen him how he rocks with those cowboy boots during their New Year’s Costume Party:) Am I not a stage wife? LOL!!!!

That’s my dear- friendly, charming, and warm. He gets along with almost everyone. He works hard not to rock the boat. His easy-going attitude brings people together.

Hyzyd and I are so blessed to have you in our lives. You’ll always be my sweetie pie and our son’s NO.1 dad! We love you so much. You have shown us what it means to love unconditionally and what it is to be responsible for our love ones.. Through my ups and downs, you’re always there and so patient in dealing with my tantrums…he..he…As always, you remain my best friend….You have that charisma and charm that makes me grow in love with you over and over again. Our love grows sweeter and sweeter as the years go by…Oh, what a love we have shared. It’s because we let God be the only third party in this relationship. Without HIM we’re really nothing. I love you. I truly love you. You have touched my life and made my dreams come true. You have taught my heart to sing songs just for you. Always remember that we’re each for the other and both for the Lord. Together we will live a happy life.WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH….I love you so much, mahal.

Happy Valentine’s , Dad! Ain’t Valentine’s our everyday occasion?

My thoughts on getting Older

Happy Sunday!

Time flies so fast- Valentine’s came and I didn’t get the chance to blog about my day and now it’s already February 19 and I’m sure it won’t be long I’ll be celebrating my birthday and I’m getting a year older. Speaking of getting older, sometimes we joke about getting older and say things like, ‘I’m thirty-nine, and holding,’ meaning we don’t want to turn forty and be considered ‘old’. As long as you have a dream in your heart you will never be old. The Psalmist said: ‘I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread’ (Psalm 37:25 NIV). The main fear about ageing is ending up lonely, needy and unwanted. As living costs go up and pensions go down it’s wonderful to be able to say, ‘My God shall supply all [my] needs…’ (Philippians 4:19 ).

As Bob & Debby Gass written “Your golden years can be the greatest years of your life. All the things you wanted to do when you didn’t have time are now available to you. ‘I wish I had more time to read.’ Now you can. ‘I wish I had more time to spend in prayer.’ Now you can. So many things: travel, ministry, grandchildren, hobbies, visiting friends; now you have time to enjoy them. Job 5:26 speaks of going to the grave in a full age. Judges 8:32 speaks of a good old age. Genesis 25 speaks of old men and women, full of years. You can die – full of years! That word ‘full’ means filled to the brim and running over.”  How good is that?

Senior Citizen, God has a word for you today: ‘Even to your old age…even to grey hairs I will carry you…’ (Isaiah 46:4 )! Do you remember that old commercial for coffee, ‘Good to the last drop’? I’ll make that my life’s motto!

Enjoy your Sunday. For us, it’s time for fellowship- seeing our brethren in church and celebrating God’s greatness and goodness to us through singing, dancing, clapping and food! It’s also time for us to drop on gas station and let the pump boy do his job of filling our motorcycle tank with gas using his ever-trusted Delafield petroleum hose. Stay blessed this Sunday.

What If

Friday night is movie time for the family so I downloaded youtube video of What If. It’s  a 2010 Christian/drama film directed by Dallas Jenkins.

Here’s the storyline:

Fifteen years ago, Ben Walker (Kevin Sorbo) left his girlfriend, Wendy (Kristy Swanson) and his ministry calling for a business opportunity. Now with a high-paying career and a trophy fiancé, he is visited by an angel, who gives him a glimpse into what his life would look like had he followed his calling.

The angel explains that Godhas put in place to show Ben what would have happened if he’d accepted his other calling, the great “What If”. If Ben wants to get back to his old life, he must first learn to appreciate the value of faith and family, and perhaps rediscover the love of his life.  What If… tells the story of a man whose glimpse into what he’s missing reminds him of what he truly wants.

What If… is one of the types of movies that I love watching over and over again. It has the perfect blend of joy, laughter and tears with a wonderful,unforgettable ending! What If… is a timeless classic and is suitable for all ages. There is a message that is woven into the script that God loves each of us and that He has a purpose for our lives.

We need more movies like What If… with excellent values. Values that bring people together, values that give a deeper meaning to life.

Parents can hold off on potty training when major life event comes up

If you have a major life event coming up, such as moving or having a new baby, you might want to hold off on potty training. True or False?

I chose: False

The correct answer is: True

Major changes can affect a child’s ability to learn to use the potty properly, so postpone the training if you can. Stress can also lead to constipation — when a child is anxious, she might wind up holding in bowel movements, which only makes it more difficult to go the next time. If you find there’s too much upheaval in your child’s routine, and it’s interfering with potty training, put her back in diapers and try again in a few months. If your child seems eager to learn this new skill, though, it can’t hurt to give it a try. Just know that you might experience some delays or setbacks — even kids who have been potty trained for months might regress and start having accidents.


The beauty of Cabin Furniture

If my dream of furnishing our future home with French furniture won’t be materialized, I have other options. I envisioned that our home’s primary function is to be a comfortable haven for my family. I want a serene, cool, calming environment that let me feel that I’m close to nature. I prefer for an eclectic, cozy, warm nook. I think I could achieve this through furnishing cabin furniture? I love the warm look and feel of log cabins. There’s just something about the ruggedness of a cabin that makes me feel like snuggling up with a good book, or just with a glass of wine and some good conversation. Because I can’t actually have a cabin hideaway to call my own, the least I can do is to have cabin furniture.

Even just having this Rustic Natural Cedar High Back Lounge Chair Package will let me taste the beauty of log furniture. It’s perfect for any outdoor patio, in porch, or even for inside the home.