How to tame your kid’s tantrums? Ignore him!

My 3-year-old already knew how to assert his wants and desires by throwing a fit! It usually happens after school when we pass by a toy store . He wanted to get a toy car or a motorbike. When we won’t comply- tantrum city appears!

Both hubby and I are so tired after school and to entertain Hyzyd’s tantrum is such a burden so what we did is just ignore him. Little did I know that this tactic is effective and supported by experts!

The reason that ignoring your kid while he throws a fit works is fascinating: “During a tantrum, your child is literally out of his mind. His emotions take over — overriding the frontal cortex of the brain, the area that makes decisions and judgments,” says Jay Hoecker, MD, a Rochester, Minnesota, pediatrician. “That’s why reasoning doesn’t help — the reasoning part of his brain isn’t working.” Says Alan Kazdin, PhD, author of The Kazdin Method for Parenting the Defiant Child, “Once you’re in a situation where someone’s drowning, you can’t teach them to swim — and it’s the same with tantrums. There’s nothing to do in the moment that will make things better. In fact, almost anything you try will make it worse. Once he chills out, then you can talk.”

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