The Beauty of Learning while Teaching

I’m currently making a new batch of worksheets for my preschoolers for next term. I don’t need to make a new one actually and just use the previous worksheets but I’m not happy with that idea. I wanted to improve the worksheet and give better approach for my K1 this May 2012. My worksheets serve as the mirror of what I learned.

Learning for me is a continuous process. It doesn’t stop when I earned my degree in teaching. The more years I spend in teaching (I’m teaching for 10 years already!), the more I discovered new approaches in teaching English as a second language. As  humans, we are learning machines.  We are most alive and functioning closest to our potential when we are learning, adapting, adjusting, and finding new ways, approaches and techniques to improve our lives (or the lives of others) in some way.

As an ESL preschool teacher to Thai children, I need to learn new things each day because :

1. Learning makes me more confident.
2. Learning deepens my character and makes me more inspiring to those around me and especially to my students.
3. Learning helps me easily and readily adapt to new situations.
4. Learning instills an understanding of the historical, social, and natural processes that impact and limit our lives.
5. A broad knowledge of unfamiliar situations like ISO27001 feeds innovation by inspiring me to think creatively and providing examples to follow.

Something magical happens when you continue learning as a teacher. Continuous learners teach others not just to help the other person (or to show them how much they know) but because they know it helps them deepen their mastery of their own learning.

Your life and the lives of your students will be much richer and more rewarding for all your learning efforts!

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