Gearing up for the Holidays

Lent is one of the most opportune times to spend holidays with the family. It does not matter whether you plan to hit the beach, stay in the house to save instead, or splurge and go on that dream holiday abroad. What matters most is that you will get to spend precious time with the people that you love. While on vacation, do not forget to stock up on the essentials: sunscreen, loads of it, if you and the family are going out for a swim, comfortable clothes and sunglasses to keep you cool in these hot, hot days, flip flops, sneakers, motorcycle boots, if you must, or any pair of comfortable footwear to keep you on your toes all summer long. The list goes on and on, so make sure you make one ready just so you won’t forget anything, right? ;)


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    Wow, new blog naman ba, kamusta na? Missed Hatyai na, we heard about Lee Garden, praying you’re all safe… Naga earn naman ni imong blog? Regards to all. Ate Sarah

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