Penang, here we come!

I’m excited for our family getaway to Penang, Malaysia this week! Actually our main reason ingoing there is to process my son’s Non-Immigrant “O” Visa or what is usually known as the Dependent visa. Whie waiting for it we’ll enjoy a 4-hour tour around the city of Penang. We’ve been here in this town several times but we haven’t really had the time to visit its beautiful tourists spots. We booked a package tour for RM50 per pax and we’ll be able to see the Top 10¬†sightseeing attractions:

1. Fort Cornwallis

2. Kapitan Keling Mosque

3. Khoo Kongsi- a clan house for ethnic Chinese from the Khoo family which also doubles as a temple

4. Pinang Peranakan Mansion

5. Sri Menakshi Sundraeswara Temple

6. Reclining Buddha (World’s Most Beautiful Reclining Buddha)

7. Burmese Temple

8. Batik Factory

9. Bee Farm Gallery – I’m excited because it’s been said that we could also tour the farm for free. We , the visitors,¬† will get an opportunity to know the difference between natural and synthesized honey, the various types of bees and the kind of propolis and honey produced. I wonder if we could also visit the honey bottling housed in metal buildings ? I hope so.

10. Chocolate Boutique

I can’t wait to share to you our getaway with lots of photos!

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