A Different Gift for Dad on Father’s Day

Am sure you were not accustomed to giving your dad or your husband a bunch of your favorite flowers or a dozen of colorful and sweet smelling blooms on special occasions, but to make this year’s Father’s Day even more exciting, and shall I add, unique, why not order them a bouquet from your favorite flower shop or from www.orderflowers.com. Make sure you do this before hand as prices of flowers usually increase when there are occasions to celebrate, also make sure you skip the pink and other girlie colors and order something more masculine, especially if you plan to have the flowers delivered in the office or in public! You wouldn’t want your men turning beet red on their special day, do you?

Health Apps that can keep you away from cigarettes

LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach. This $3.99 iPhone app allows you to create a customized plan to quit smoking: You can go cold turkey or cut back gradually. The app also offers tips, reminders, and progress charts. “If you have a simple program that sends five messages a day reminding you to quit, that can keep a person on track,” says smoking cessation expert Dr. Jonathan Foulds, a professor at Penn State University College of Medicine, who reviewed the MyQuit program.

Where to Look for Housewarming Gifts

Since we have moved here we have made a lot of new friends and have been invited to one too many occasions since then. Although there is a lot of difference between the culture here and the one I am accustomed to, there are also a lot of similarities and one of which is bringing something as a gift whenever you are invited to a birthday or a housewarming or any special occasion they might be celebrating. It might be quite a task to think of what perfect housewarming gifts to bring but I am glad I came along these lovely house warming baskets from GiftBaskets.com. Now I never have to worry about what to give friends for housewarming presents!

Encore Gift Basket

  • Enchanting oversized gift basket
  • Beautifully crafted keepsake basket
  • Gourmet pastas, cheeses, cookies, and more
  • Includes a top-of-the-line cutting board

Know Yourself and Your Priorities

When you give up trying to be perfect, you create more time. Stop comparing yourself to the mythical supermom who has it all together at work and at home — she doesn’t exist. Figure out what your priorities are and pursue those. Something has to give. Each person’s priorities are different. Do the things that help you feel happy or less stressed. If you feel calmer with no papers on the dining room table, involve the kids in helping you clear it off. If you can live with a few stray papers, and would prefer to cook with the kids and try a new recipe, do that instead.  Instead of changing who you are to match the task, change the task to match your lifestyle. Spend time on what’s important to you.

Getting Some Repairs Done

The few days left of summer is still enough time to get a few more repairs done in the house. The long hot, sunny day is perfect for getting some outdoor jobs done including tinkering on the picket fence and retouching its white paint, a few work in the roof to get it all ready for the coming rainy season and possibly a little bit of gardening, too, weeding and cutting tree branches here and there just to be sure they won’t fall into the roof or onto the house come stormy season. The summer day is also a great time to have some garage floor tiles redone and retouched to restore its former beauty, as well as getting some painting done on the garage door. Oh well, I just hope the handy man can squeeze all these activities in.