on Playing Guitar

It seems that my plan to buy a pink acoustic guitar is put on hold because the budget I set aside for this is used on the medication of my mom-in-law. But still I don’t lost hope that before this year ends I could finally buy my own guitar. I already had basic knowledge on guitar chords. I could even play a song as long as there chords on the lyrics. I need more practice so that one of these days I could lead the Praise and Worship service while playing the guitar :). Isn’t that cool? I really love meeting girls that are into music- can really play  guitar , may it be acoustic, electric or brian may guitar (or any instruments) and know what they’re doing.

Why do I encourage myself to learn guitar? I think if I learn, no matter how shy I may be, getting in front of a crowd and playing guitar will help me be a little more outgoing. There are a lot of people who play guitar or other instruments, and if I play too then that is something in common I can relate to them with and talk about. On the other hand, I read somewhere that guitar playing enhances your brain. Guitar requires a lot of memorization. You will memorize chord charts, scales, note patterns, and entire songs. This isn’t meant to sound like a lot of work, learning all of these will improve playing and is actually surprisingly fun! Playing some songs with my family and friends is already a blast . How cool it would be when I start playing a song and 4 or 5 other people start singing along with my playing.

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