My baby is now …Hyzyd!

Meet my bubbly 3-year-old Hyzyd:)

Hyzyd refused to be called my baby because according to him a baby can’t talk, Hyzyd can. So I started to call him “my little boy” but he disagreed. He just want to be called by his name, simply Hyzyd…and I have a secret to tell you…..he already got a crush…a beautiful young teacher in school!

It all started one Friday afternoon when it’s time to go home. Here in Thailand, there are teachers assigned everyday to guard the gate and greet parents who come and go.  That beautiful teacher is stationed on that particular gate where we exit. Hyzyd got excited when he saw the teacher and I heard him saying “Oh, there’s the beautiful teacher”. He did the “wai” (Thai’s way of respect by bowing in greeting or bidding goodbye) with a smile and sparkly eyes. Outside the gate, he blurted to his dad “so beautiful teacher!”

Monday afternoon came. I’m taken aback when we went home and after doing the “wai” he started to say “not a beautiful teacher, so ugly!” Hubby and I couldn’t believe what we hear! He’s such an appreciative little guy and what he just said isn’t his style. Calmly, we explained to him that he can’t describe people as ugly because God made everybody beautiful. We hope that that teacher didn’t hear Hyzyd’s remark. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday came and once we’re outside the gate he demanded us to find the beautiful teacher! Can you believe that!!!??? It’s hard to grasp the truth that it seems yesterday when we knew that I’m pregnant. It seems yesterday that I shopped for baby clothes and searched the internet for the best website for baby strollers. And now this, a little guy asking us to find the beautiful teacher!

Finally Friday came and I don’t have any idea that Hyzyd knew that it was that beautiful teacher’s schedule to guard the gate. He refused to go home no matter how we persuaded him. He kept his back on us! Five minutes later, that beautiful teacher took her post and when we told Hyzyd that the beautiful teacher arrived, his mood totally changed- from grumpy to happy! He did the “wai” perfectly and we get home with a baby happy as a bee!

I made a deal with Hyzyd, if he can’t see the beautiful teacher, he only need to see Mom’s beautiful face because I’m more beautiful than that beautiful teacher because I’m his mommy! I think he understand because he gave me a nod and the most beautiful smile.

Hope to have tantrum-free-while-going-home-if-Hyzyd-can’t-see-the-beautiful-teacher episodes next week.


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