on Restaurant Furniture

I never thought that you can shop online for almost anything nowadays! I do shop for clothes, shoes, jewelry and other knick knacks online but for furniture not yet. Take the case of shopping for your restaurant furniture and bar equipment needs. I never thought it would be possible now to shop with these “big” things at the comfort of your office. Just search the net , browse the…let’s say Rapids Wholesale restaurant furniture site and then voila you can make orders for everything from long draw beer systems to bottle coolers, from plates, knives and forks to the tables they rest on! This kind of online warehouse is ready to ship at a moment’s notice. Delivery is fast and prices are fair. I need to learn more about this because I’m planning to have our own restaurant in the future.

Market Day!

It’s Saturday once again. Time for household chores for a working mom like me. Time to go to market and buy fresh fruit veggies and fruit and time for family bonding- breakfast in the market, marketing with sis-in-law and with our hubbies bringing the heavy goods. Happy Saturday to all! It’s raining in here. Feels right to me coz it’s kinda hot in here for the past days. A light pouring of the rain is welcome to cool the day but a heavy downpour would surely spoil the weekend.


a glimpse of me doing a purchase on our “suki”


Hyzyd is looking forward for Market Day too! It’s his chance to explore the outside world aside from house, school, church and playground:)


Aromatherapy at home

Have you tried using scented candles like lafco candles or aroma oils? I loved my newly bought cute burner with frangipani flower design, scented candles, and aroma oils (lavender, relaxing spa, ocean, night Jasmine). The aroma oil that was burnt from this was able to emit sweet scent that help ease tension and create a soothing haven throughout the night. This is the beauty of aromatherapy. It’s the inhalation of plant oils, called essential oils, for improved physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Very Thoughtful Hubby

Won’t your heart just melt when your hubby saw and act upon on your need without being told? Like last night…when I entered our bedroom, there’s a total makeover! Our bed was moved and our workstation has a lighting installed in a way that can’t distract my hubby and son when I need to get up early in the morning to do my blog tasks while they’re still on deep slumber. Thanks hubby, I now have more motivation to do my thing with the internet without suffering my eye sight! Plus I love the new arrangement of the room , we have more space to walk around the room and Hyzyd’s play station. I love you dear..mwaahhh!

Don’t get accident

My little boy used to warn to his dad every time he step down the stairs or drive his motorbike “Be careful daddy, don’t get accident”. Isn’t he sweet? Last Friday after we stepped out the school gate, he used the word “accident” in a different way “I find the beautiful teacher (remember the “crush” story HERE?) mommy. It’s not accident!” What!!!????

On the way home, we met a young man riding on his motorbike. In just a wink of an eye, he got accident while swerving! He just fell down without anyone on his way! Was he drunk? No, he isn’t. See, accidents do happen in unexpected ways. Every time I witnessed accidents, I always whispered prayer for our safety especially my hubby who travel to school from 45 minutes to 1 hour  everyday on motorbike. I always reminded him to always put on his motorbike accessories and support like helmet, gloves and if possible to avail those Alpinestars SMX 5 Boots to ensure safety.