Open letter to our landlord

May 21, 2010

To the Landlord:

Sir, may you not forget that we brought to your attention last January 10, 2010 that the electric water pump you temporarily installed in your house while waiting for the water connection from Hatyai Water District started to falter (it doesn’t produce water anymore) It’s almost 5 months since that incident and until now we remain without water. During those months January, February, March and April we patiently waited for the water to come BECAUSE you told us so, you still collected the full amount of 3,500 baht without any discount though we expected that you’ll initiate to just only charge us 2,000-2,500 baht just to make us feel better even for the fact that you fail to provide us water for those four full months. We paid without any complaints because we trusted you that you’re doing your best to give us water weeks after weeks after weeks.

The 3rd week of May came but there’s still no sign that we’ll ever have water this month. To save ourselves from further frustrations for a promise that never occurred we are forced to find a new house for rent with water. We cannot take it anymore. Our patience has come to its end. If you are in our situation, what would you do? If I am the owner of the house and the same thing happened to my clients, I better be honest with them and help them find a new house or else let them stay in my house for FREE while waiting for the water to be connected. Who would rent a house without a water connection, anyway? We’re already tired fetching water to and fro from your house. It costs us about 100 baht just for the gasoline to go to your house for three times so that we’ll just have water for a day. This month, we haven’t dropped in your house to fetch water because we are so tired and sick already. Just imagine almost 5 months without water. Thank God for the RAIN. It sustains us until today. Without water, we spent about 200 baht a week just for our laundry. You can imagine how dismayed we are waiting for nothing.

Now that you know how disappointed we are, we are taking back our deposit money of 3,500 baht to compensate for the so much trouble, pain, and suffering you’ve caused to our family. We haven’t broken any contract. We are just FORCED to move because of this WATER CRISIS that hasn’t been resolved for almost 5 months. In this way, we’ll part ways with lightness in our hearts in the mighty name of Jesus.

Your ailing tenants,

Mr. and Mrs. Josh and Jenny

getting fed up with no water!

We collected rain water to water our plants, wash our dishes and even for bath:waaah:! This is what we’ve been doing every time it rains because until now Hatyai Water District (HWD) doesn’t take any necessary action to give us WATERngantuk! (You can read my frustrations here and herebising )

Last week my patience was already on its last straw. Never in my life have I gone so pissed ::(! It’s over 3 months now that we’ve waited for that WATER but until now we remain “WATER-LESS”! Everyday we called adacall the owner asking him to follow-up HWD (because if you won’t follow-up him, he doesn’t do a thing too!). Actually, a group of working men with pipes and drills came last April 21 and I thought that my terrible dilemma will end that day. Much to my dismay without any valid reasons they left without doing anything! I was really furious:sobrakana:!

I called again the owner of the house and told him that we’ll move ! He asked his friend who could speak English to explain to us that he already went to the HWD officer, doing the follow-up everyday, paid the required fees and many other stuffs . He’s trying to explain that the DELAY is not his fault but the HWD. They better give us WATER this week or else we’ll really move though it means hassle because class already started. If I”m not online for weeks and months then you’ll know WHY.

No water is giving me MIGRAINEtension!

Oh, this is my life in Thailand…Help me God to be PATIENTdoa in this trying moment!

Her and History

No Water!

Remember my post about how it happened why the current house we’re renting has no water? Well, until now we don’t yet have it! This time it’s not the fault of the owner of the house coz we knew that he already apply for connection few months ago and we saw the receipt that he already paid! I never thought the processing could be this UBER SLOWtension! We supposed to transfer last month but as I told you we received the notice that they’ll start drilling on March 29. When we follow up on March 29, the owner said he is still waiting a call from the municipality for payment. After the payment, the work will be started. He was called on the first week of April and he paid the required amount. They supposed to start drilling the road for the pipes on April 8 but no one came. Last week is Songkhran, so they have excuse to be on holiday. I just hope that tomorrow they’ll start drilling and digging and whatever it requires to GIVE US WATER! If they’ll do that we’ll have water after 3 days! What a relief it would be! In this kind of situation, patience is needed. We’ve waited already for MORE THAN 2 MONTHS so I’m sure we can still wait for few more days. Oh help us God! Getting angry will not help us, we’re foreigners here, we can’t speak their language…so I better suppress my ill-feeling toward the WHOEVER RESPONSIBLE to connect us to WATER!

If your in my shoes, what would you dofikir?

Move? WE can’t do that anymore. We’re on vacation and we don’t have salary to be expected on the last week of this month. How convenient sedih!

If only we have enough budget, then and there I’ll pack our things and move even if it means we’ll not receive our deposit money of 3,500 baht! But we don’t have garupale? What do you want me to do? That’s why I said PATIENCE is what we need this time of CRISIS!

House for rent-no water!

I dreaded the idea of ever moving again. Last year, we moved twice already. This month we plan to move again if our request will not be granted- a request for water!

You may wonder why do we ever moved to a house that doesn’t have water? Good question but let me first lay-out to you what really happened.

When we moved before, we overlooked the water system area. We thought that when you live in a big city in Thailand- Hatyai City particularly, all water system is taken care of by the water district. We’re wrong! The water came from a deep well pumped electrically. Every time the water tank dried up, we need to operate the pump and it produces deafening sound! It made me sick!

When a new house was finished one block away from us we inquired if it’s for rent. It happened that I knew the owner (he happened to be my church mate in the first Christian church I attended the first time I’m in Thailand) and he said that the source of water for his house is from the water district, we got interested to move once he already had the water. A month after , he approached us that we could now moved to his house. I thought the water district already started their service so we signed contract. That’s the time that we knew that the request is not yet processed so for the meantime we’ll just used the electric pump he installed to draw up water from the well. It’s fine with me because the electric pump doesn’t produce a deafening sound unlike the other one.

After almost two months living in this clean new house, the water dried up and the problem arises! We don’t have water anymore and the only solution we have is to fetch water from the owner’s house- a 5-minute drive away by motorcycle. I’m so frustrated at first! I never expected this thing to happen. I feel like a stupid fool-living in a house without water. We waited and waited for the water district to reply to the owners request until after another 2 months my patience come to an end. We told the owner that if this MARCH, the water district will not reply to his request for a start service, then we will move out and we need to get our deposit too!

Yesterday we received a letter from the Hatyai Water District.They’re going to start our residential water service on the 29th of March! I felt so relieved and so happy with that news. It’s now settled that we’ll not move again. It’s time to purchase sofa in our living room where we could snug warmly and comfortable, a portable steel kitchen sink and some kitchen storage hardware and kitchen accessories Finally, it’s now time to decorate our room too.

I just knew that in this side of town, we’ll be the first residence to have water from the water district instead of from the deep well and the owner is paying a large chunk of his money to start the residential water service. It’s a confusing fact to me, you know. The people lived in a big city next to a mall but their water system is still traditional.

Looking for a house here in Hatyai City? Check for the WATER!