Get the Best out of your Heating System with Baxi Combi Boilers

If you have an old boiler, upgrading to a new model could save you money and energy simultaneously. If you want to increase your efficiency in the home, here are a few tips to help you reduce your carbon footprint in 2012.

As a homeowner, you may be looking for the most cost effective heating solution to meet the needs of your family. If you want to lower your monthly utility bills and save the planet in the process, upgrading to a boiler that boasts improved performance can help increase your savings. If you have had your boiler for over ten years, the chances are you are not saving as much as you should.

Many homeowners are reluctant to pay out the money for a new boiler but investing in a new model has a number of advantages. Contemporary boilers are brimming with the latest technology and they make it easier to save your hard earned pennies. Baxi Combi boilers feature advanced controls that allow you to heat your home more efficiently.

If you want to purchase a new boiler but are unsure of where to start, go online to do your research. If you have not purchased a boiler for over ten years there will be a lot more options to choose from and the best way to start your search is by using the internet as a guide. You can find out everything you need to know in just a few clicks. You can find out relevant information on the best brands and you can save money by comparing prices online.

If you want to get the best out of your heating system, Combi boilers are a firm favourite with homeowners for their money saving benefits. Combi boilers are reliable, efficient and simple to install making them a great choice if you want to invest in a new model. You can not only benefit from the cost effective nature of Baxi Combi boilers but you can take advantage of hot water as and when you need it.

Buying a new boiler isn’t the only way to lower your carbon footprint in 2012. You can help to save the planet by recycling your household waste, swapping your existing light bulbs for energy saving bulbs and using solar energy to heat your home. More and more homeowners are turning their attention to going green and you can start by making a few small changes. Many people are put off saving energy as they think it will cost them more money in the short term and be time consuming but it doesn’t have to be this way.

The truth is you could be saving lots of money just by changing the way you do things. For example, only boiling the amount of water you need instead of filling the kettle to the brim can save both money and energy.

Author: WH Boilers and Spares specialise in Baxi Combi boilers and can help you to maximise the performance of your home heating system.

Flip flap

One of the cool home appliances I mentioned in my previous post is the flip flap. Flip Flap is a cute flower bud which moves by light. It’s solar powered plant that does not need battery nor watering. Flip Flap’s leaves gently move up and down and the flower move left to right when sunlight or the light energy source is directed. Put one on your desk, your windowsill or your car and you will be unable to suppress a grin every time the little leaves and the flower begin to sway. This little toy can absolutely give your household, car or working environment more vigor. You can buy one as low as $3.47 plus free shipping! Visit to order one for yourself or as gifts for your love ones.

Cool Home Appliances

Since we moved to our new place exactly two months ago as of today, I haven’t updated this site coz I’m waiting for our internet connection. It seems that I’m waiting endlessly for that internet connection but still we’re not yet connected to the world. Instead of  dwelling to ill-feelings toward our internet provider, I rather enjoy my time blogging during my lunch break.

Let me share to you what I have in mind. I’m looking for these home appliances that don’t just look cool in our new dwelling place; they’re actually great for our spirits too!


Magnetic Dart Game. This classic game is a great avenue to channel your frustrations into. The target is magnetic and the arrows are blunt and flat-headed so you won’t poke someone’s eyes in a fit of range!





Smiley cushion. It always has a smile for you. You’ll surely feel special in no time!









Cute Air purifier. This cute little bauble sucks in the bad air around you, whirls it around in a vat of scented water, then blows out fresh, clean, fragrant air. You won’t feel suffocated ever again.







Flip flap. Feeling overwhelmed? A little greenery’s always good (thanks that we have a green thumb in the house), but not all of us are blessed with green thumbs. Practice with this plastic one instead. Its leaves bob hypnotically up and down, which, after a long day, is a very soothing sight.