DIY Christmas Decor: Tubular Advent Wreath

Shopping here in Hatyai City on holiday season isn’t that hard though there’s quite a crowd especially when you’re checking out your items. So far, the longest waiting time I spent waiting to pay for my items on Holiday seasons is only 15 minutes! Unlike in my city back in Philippines, on Christmas season you have to rush on shopping and start earlier to avoid waiting on line for 1-2 hours because they don’t have bar code scanner for their POS system. Imagine encoding the price or worst the numerical code of the product manually!

So I had my last Christmas shopping last night- the remaining ingredients for my menu for today’s Christmas celebration and last minute gift for kids. I just spent 30 minutes grabbing all I need at Tops Supermarket. The only thing that I don’t like here is the price of cheese! It’s so expensive like it cost about $5 per 250 g of cheese while in Philippines it’s only $1-2. Anyway, what’s important is I have something to buy it..he..he…Thank God for the budget for this special celebration.

On the other hand, let me present to you the last DIY Christmas Decor we made last night- Tubular Advent Wreath! All we need is future board for the base, cardboard, glue and adhesive tapes!

I fill the wreath’s tube with small Christmas treats for my girl friends:)
My sis and I tried to adorn the cardboard tubes with glitters with out-of-this-world designs…in other words…”pataka lang ang trip”….LOL!
Just to make the wall not so bare with the wreath, we taped on “gifts” (empty boxes) wrapped with colorful cellophane wrap

Happy Christmas to all!

DIY Christmas Decor: Snow Swabs

Want to add wintery look in your living room on Christmas season? You can by adding snowflakes decor! You can make your own elegant geometric snowflakes with just glue, glitter and cotton swabs! Here’s how:

1. First create a work surface by covering a large piece of cardboard with plastic wrap or simply put on a plastic wrap on your working table or your floor (on our case:)). For each snowflake, arrange 18 cotton swabs as shown below:

2. Squeeze a small amount of tacky glue where the end of the swabs meet.

3. Sprinkle glitter onto the glue and let the snowflakes dry for 24 hours.

4. Carefully peel each flake from the plastic. Collect and return the excess glitter to its container. Here’s the finish project..tadaaaaa!

5. Hang up your snowflakes with monofilament line or colorful ribbons like ours:

DIY Christmas Decor: The A-Bottle-Able SnowMen

I decided that this year’s Christmas we’ll have Christmas decor from scratch- not a single penny will be spent to create something extra-special for this yuletide season. Thus, with the help of my sister and my three-year-old we’re able to recycle water bottles to snowmen! I give credits to Disney’s Family Fun magazine for the idea!

1. To make a snowman, wash and dry water bottles (any plastic bottles will do).
2. With scissors, cut away the containers’ bottom to accommodate a battery-operated tea light or the Christmas lights.

3. Mix water and white glue to a creamy consistency.

4. Brush it over the bottles.

5. Attach white tissue paper scraps.

6. Brush with another layer of the diluted glue.

7. Let the bottles dry.

8. Cover the lid with black electrical tape or paint it with black paint. In our case we use our old black nail polish.
9. For the eyes and mouth, glue on small black beads, sequins or buttons. We used black beans which is available in our kitchen.
10. For the nose, brush glue over a cone of orange tissue paper or cartolina paper, let it dry and adhere it.
11. Tie on a ribbon scarf (in our case, old shirt cut into strips) and place your snowman over the tea light.

Behold our A-Bottle-Able SnowMen (with our family photo) and cones made from printer paper to form a cool recycled forest in our living room:

What can you say? I love to hear your comments:)

By the way, to make the cones, simply roll paper into cone shapes, tape with double-adhesive tape to secure, and trim the bottoms as needed so that they stand level.

Next DIY Christmas Decor : Snow Flakes (made of cotton swabs!)

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