The Importance of Family Photos

I should thank my father for instilling on us the importance of family photos. When we’re still kids, I remembered how he devoted time to schedule a photo session with us. Though most of our photos were destroyed by typhoon “Nitang” in 1989 (?), he tried to save most of it by taking close-up photo and later through the use of scanner.

Now, when we look to our old photographs, they help us remember the good times. These photos are the ones that will put smiles on our faces and help us cope with the change of a person no longer being nearby.

So far, we scheduled photo session with my family yearly. Here is the latest:

February 2014

The Dancing Cousins

My niece, Jazzyz, and my son, Hyzyd love to dance everytime they’re together. Here are few of the videos I made for them while they’re dancing. Tell me what you think of their dancing.

Beautiful mother, Beautiful sisters

My father made a comment when I posted the following photos on Facebook. It states “The Saratorio Sisters”. 
L-R: Zizah (the 9th), Mama Genei, and Yvonne (the 8th)

L-R: Zizah (the 9th), Mama Genei and me (the eldest of 14 children)
My mother is already 54 years old. She have gray hairs already but she’s still blooming in beauty. Bearing 14 children made her physically expand (she used to have 23′ waistline) but she’s my inspiration to always stay healthy and sexy especially that I still have one child. My mother had me at age of 22. I could still remember on my elementary days up to college years that my mom is the most beautiful and has the most youngest-looking face every time she’ll attend Parents and Teachers meeting, graduation ceremonies and on any events that require parents’ attendance. I’m so proud that my mother is not only beautiful on the outside but she has the most beautiful heart and attitude. I thank God everyday for giving me a wonderful mother. Doesn’t she look just like our elder sister?

Me and My Niece

So here are photos of my newborn niece, Kaethe Xia Razzylle. She’s very beautiful and so quiet:) It seems that we don’t have a baby in the house. Even though we’re talking so loud and she’s with us, she still sleep peacefully. Watching her made me wanted our own baby girl:) Here are we gushing over this adorable bundle of joy:) 
it felt like we’re holding our first baby:)

are we ready for baby no.2:)

I’m one proud aunt!

isn’t she adorable? it just melts my heart every time I see her…she seems like a little angel:)