To Each His Own

One wants to watch television, the other one wants to listen to the radio, and yet another just wants to curl down and read a book. If you live in a house with multiple children, this is a usual scenario. There are just times when each one wants to do something else. Instead of forcing them to agree on a common activity, just allow them to while away their time doing their own interests. To keep peace at home, get some beyerdynamic headphones for the music-lover and give your bookworm his own reading nook away from the din of the television.

Restaurant Pagers

Have you been to a restaurant using restaurant pagers? I haven’t experience yet because our restaurants here in Thailand haven’t offered this kind of service. You may ask, what’s the use of restaurant pagers? Have you experienced being in congestion around the hostess stand waiting for your turn to sit? You can’t go elsewhere while waiting for your turn because if the restaurant staff called up your name and you’re not there, somebody takes over your place. This could be so frustrating! But with restaurant pagers, you can go for an errand an wait for the restaurant’s page that your seat is ready or let you know that your food is ready for pick up in case of fast casual restaurants. There won’t be reasons to miss your page because of its multiple alert modes (vibration, beep, flash and glow). Aren’t restaurant pagers cool and useful?

Apple iPod Touch

When money’s not tight anymore, I wanted to invest on an Apple iPod Touch. It’s the latest in the line of famous touch screen iPod MP3 players.

Apple iPod Touch

iPod Classic Vs iPod Touch

According to Apple, the iPod touch is more than an MP3 music player – it is a portable computer and games player rolled into one. This is what sets the Touch apart from the traditional iPod. The Touch also brings users into contact with a huge variety of ‘Apps’ that can perform pretty much any function under the sun. They include games, educational apps, lifestyle and more! I am more interested on playing my fave music and educational apps that I could use in school.

Features of the Apple iPod Touch

* Audio playback for: AAC, MP3, MP3 VBR, Audible, Apple Lossless, AIFF, WAV
* Video playback for: MPEG-4, H.264
* Picture viewing: JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP
* USB charging,
* Comes with Apple earphones,
* Includes remote and microphone.

As a wise buyer (I’m trying to be) it is beneficial if we weigh the pros and cons of any product we plan to purchase to determine if it’s really worth the investment.

Pros of the Apple iPod Touch

The 3rd generation iPod touch is designed with faster performance in mind. As with any other of the iPod models, it comes in a fantastic sleek and trendy design, with a high quality screen and good sound quality that will support a wide variety of formats.

When compared to previous incarnations of the iPod, this model features a much larger RAM, loads faster, includes larger storage for a similar price, and comes with new earphones that include a remote and microphone in-built.

Voice control is particularly useful for people who like to use their iPod when they’re busy doing other things, as it allows you to control the music with your voice alone. Simple commands such as ‘shuffle’ will make sure the player does exactly what you need.

Cons of the Apple iPod Touch

For users who already have the second generation iPod touch, they may not experience a noticeable enough difference to justify the added expense of buying a new version. For this reason, it is not generally worth upgrading unless you use a number of intensive applications that would particularly benefit from the faster loading time.

The iPod Touch is also more costly than the iPod classic, but can be more cost effective for those who have a need for a more all-encompassing solution with its variety of apps.


As for me who has never owned an iPod before, I really can’t beat the design and features included in the iPod Touch. Before I learned about the iPod touch, I’m already eyeing for the colorful smaller version- iPod Nano because it’s sleek enough to carry around wherever I want alongside with the ipod nano accessories  . But truthfully the Touch is sleek enough to carry around .

Apple iPod Nano