New Year, New House

We will spend our new year to our new house…er…new rented house. It’s our tenth moved and this time it seems that we’ll stay here longer . We love the new house. We’re the first occupant. We rented it out just a week from all its finishing touches. It has a spacious living room , perfect for excellent sound percussion sp2bk at Musicians Friend we’re eying for. But first things first, we need couch. We’ll buy musical gadgets after we finally settled in.

A Day of My life

Last Thursday, I called in sick! I have horrible sore throat and headache. I needed a rest. One day rest is enough for me to recover as I’ve proven so many times. I just need a Sara paracetamol tablet, lots of water intake and eat fresh guava.

Before the clock strike 12 noon, I felt a lot better. The tendency of me when I’m staying home is I can see lots of household chores that need a mom’s attention. I put used clothes in washing machine, fold dry clothes, tidy the kitchen a little bit and weed the front yard! It seems that I did accomplish a lot in just an hour! My son and I took our nap and we woke up feeling refreshed! I’m so happy that my day was productive even though I wasn’t able to go to school.

Today, I felt more relax. There are only few clothes to be washed, few of them to be folded. I watched New Police Story starred by Jackie Chan with my family, took a nap and now I’m ready to iron clothes. I have nothing to complain. I’m happy for my job and at the same time taking care of my family. I welcomed these with wide open arms and smile. I enjoy my life as a teacher, a mother and as a wife. Simple things are great gifts from God.

Bandwidth issue + prayer for you!

I just want to let you know that this site will not be accessible in few days because it will transferred to another bigger and better server. The transfer won’t take much time but the propagation of the site may take 3-5 days so that means I couldn’t update this blog on those days.

I’ll leave with you with this prayer:

“Dear God, please help me to grow through my trials and become the person you want me to be so that I will become a better person and an encourager to others who are also going through trials. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer. Gratefully, in Jesus’ name, amen.”

on Restaurant Furniture

I never thought that you can shop online for almost anything nowadays! I do shop for clothes, shoes, jewelry and other knick knacks online but for furniture not yet. Take the case of shopping for your restaurant furniture and bar equipment needs. I never thought it would be possible now to shop with these “big” things at the comfort of your office. Just search the net , browse the…let’s say Rapids Wholesale restaurant furniture site and then voila you can make orders for everything from long draw beer systems to bottle coolers, from plates, knives and forks to the tables they rest on! This kind of online warehouse is ready to ship at a moment’s notice. Delivery is fast and prices are fair. I need to learn more about this because I’m planning to have our own restaurant in the future.

Scrubs for the family

The next time your family will be invited for costume party, why not don yourselves with medical scrubs like this one I found online:

Yes, blue sky scrubs™ got one for little ones, too! How cute is that. You can have this uniform even if you’re not on medical field. I have this crazy idea of wearing something like this while teaching preschool. I’m sure it will be totally comfortable and relaxing while chasing little ones! If children wear this, it’s like pajama time for them. It’s comfortable enough for relaxing and durable enough for playing. Oh well, I wonder if there’s a preschool who will consider this idea.