Research first before Gift Shopping

December is here and Christmas Day is fast approaching! One of the things that excite me is shopping for everyone on my Christmas list. One of the best tips to gift what your recipients really want is to do a research- browsing their Pinboards, doing a quick search for their Amazon wish list, reading their blogs (one of my recipients make a wishlist on his blog and he wants the best ravish at musicians friend!), and following their social medias will give you a good place to start without removing the element of surprise.

iBaby Labs Launches Breakthrough Baby Monitor for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad

Is it time to bid goodbye to traditional baby monitors?

It was on the news last September 15 that iBaby Labs, the designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge mobile baby products, announced the launch of their introductory device, the iBaby Monitorâ„¢ for i pod touch, iPhone and iPad. Comprised of a free-standing or wall-mountable camera and free companion iBaby App, this breakthrough product provides users with the easiest way to monitor their baby at home or on the go. This joint hardware and application allows users to view, listen to and soothe their baby from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection!

“Giving consumers the ability to easily and effectively care for their families is our passion,” said Adam Lin, GM of iHealth Lab, the exclusive distributor of iBaby products. “The iBaby Monitor enables parents to watch over their sleeping children from anywhere leaving them feeling confident in their babies’ well-being.” Wow, this is perfect for parents who are working abroad and who can’t be with their babies because of their jobs. Users can also instantaneously share access to the camera with three additional family members or childcare providers via a secure access code. Two-way audio capabilities also allow parents to soothe their baby anywhere, anytime with the sound of their voice.

Football gifts for my boys

In Philippines , when our boys in the house celebrate their birthdays, it’s common to give them basketball gifts because it’s the most popular sports in the country. Whereas, here in Thailand, boys will be greatly delighted if they’ll receive football gifts like unique football T-shirts , football frames, football clocks, football car magnets, pens, organizers, journals, notebooks , photo albums and more as long as they have “football-ey” designs because they’re avid fans of football. If you wanted to shop online, there’s so much to choose at Here are two of my fave:

This Stainless Steel Travel Mug is the ultimate in mugs for carrying hot or beverages without spills. Available in a 14 oz. size, this Travel Mug looks sharp with any custom logo or personal message engraved on it.

Customizable football- you have the choice to add team colors, text, logo and/or photo