on mats and floor mats

There are lots of cheap cotton handwoven floor mats available in the department store. We’ve used these types of floor mats before but it didn’t last long. The floor mats are not worth cleaning. It’s impractical to hire a professional in-home carpet cleaner. After 6 months to 1 year, the mats get dirty and unpresentable so we don’t have a choice but to toss them away. Now, we’re in need of a perfect mat in our bedroom. I searched the web and I stumbled on wellness mats.

One of the features that I love about a wellness mat is being inherently anti-microbial. When you have a child in the house, you’re always looking forward to use things that won’t get dirty easily , are snap to clean or resistible to stains and dirt.

The beauty of custom banners

I used to remember that everytime we had programs in school and in church we spent at least 24 hours to decorate the stage. It takes lots of time and effort in cutting out letters from cartolina or styrofoam to form the theme like “Christmas Party” or “5th Closing Ceremony” plus another sets of letters for date and venue. Thank God for custom banners. They made decoration much easier. You can even find custom banners online and create your banner in minutes. All you need to do is just choose from different banner sizes and more than 100 existing designs. Then you add your text, images, logo — whatever you like. You can have your banner delivered in as few as three days.

Last October during the joint birthday celebration of my father, niece and son, we made our own design in the morning, went to the banner printing shop and got the finished product a day after. The banner definitely turns our room a party central!

Home Office

I considered blogging as my online job. Thus, I need an organized home office to make my work faster and more pleasant. Thanks to my dear hubby for cleaning the stock room. All the things inside including the copper tube bending machine was removed and placed in another stock room. Actually, I don’t necessarily need the entire room, but I should have a well-defined space to contain all my office essentials and files.

On the other hand I found this “Understair office”.  I loved this idea and I wanted to use this picture to make our own under stair office because we have a space that really looks like this.

Quick & Easy Home Décor Updates

Sometimes you just need a change and sometimes you are on a deadline – the in-laws are coming or a party is planned and you need to spruce the place up a bit. That’s why it’s a good idea to plan ahead and shop when you have the time, not when you are up against it. Think about buying ahead and target winter bedding as a spring or summer purchase (you can get great deals on clearance merchandise); the traditional January white sale of long ago now happens almost 365 days of the year when you shop online plus you can always get a good deal when you shop off-season.

Maybe the bathroom needs an update –after all, it’s probably the most frequently used room in the house. New bathroom shelves can go along way to help reduce clutter and provide a clean and modern look. If the vanity and bathroom cabinets are looking a bit tired you don’t need to call a contractor – consider investing in new bathroom hardware. Modern drawer pulls and knobs can transform the look of a mundane vanity or medicine chest in minutes.

If you really want to impress guests then invest in a set of monogrammed towels – they are really quite affordable and add a touch of elegance to any bath or powder room. When guests recall your home they will remember the monogrammed towels and be less apt to notice any shortcomings in your décor.

Experts recommend replacing the shower curtain and bathroom window treatments on an annual basis so if company is coming it’s a good call to action. A fresh bath mat and a new shower curtain can update a bathroom in minutes.

Bright Design Ideas with LED Tape

LED tape is becoming increasingly popular due to its low energy consumption, reduced operating costs, longer life and better performance that all serve to give homes and businesses superior lighting for less.

If you’re looking for lighting that has an artisan quality with a distinctive designer edge, LED tape is for you. LED tape is innovative and stylish with the promise to be instant modern classics in interior design. With sculptural lines, exquisite curves and challenging angles, LED tape can handle any space and give a true artistic statement to any room.

Buy LED tape at competitive online prices

LED tape offer the kudos and artistry you’d expect from lighting developed at the forefront of interior design. LED tape can be implemented alongside architectural designs and works harmoniously with artistic innovation. LED tape is a true expression of imaginative illumination for homes that want to shine that little bit brighter. For world-class designs that are at once unique, refreshing and effortlessly elegant, LED tape shines the way.

 Fewer Bulbs Needed: High Powered Performance

If your ceiling is littered with halogen lights, you could have paid over the odds for expensive lighting that you simply didn’t need. LED tape outperforms many of the lights you see on the market. Their superior multi-chip technology allows high powered diodes to distribute light evenly through a high quality lens. By eliminating light distortion, fewer lights are needed to effectively illuminate your room or commercial space. As a result, more and more businesses and homes are choosing to install LED tape to ensure they receive superior lighting for less.

Display cabinets are ideal for LED tape. Fitted neatly underneath shelving they can provide adequate illumination for your most prized possessions, products or glassware. LED tape also comes in a variety of colours so that you can easily set the mood whether you are lighting your bedroom or bistro.

LED Tape: The Art of Fine Lighting

Instantly inject elegance and atmosphere with an LED tape range. LED tape offers a broad range of ceiling, wall, floor, cupboard and table lighting possibilities to complete any room in your home. LED tape offers surreal lines for an ultra-modern, innovative style. They can be placed along skirting boards, inside wardrobes and under shelving for increased visibility and safety in dark spaces. For light fittings that won’t look out of place in a gallery, LED tape offers a unique talking point in any room. Bright stars, shapely curves, alien angles, all of this can be achieved with LED tape.

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