on simple living

I don’t know you but for us who rented a place in a foreign land, we’re discouraged to invest on expensive things and furniture. It all started when flood destroys the new pieces of things for the house we just bought: computer table , bookshelves , TV stands and mounts, sofa , mats and others. Since then we learned to just use what’s available like an old table for our TV, old boxes for our books and magazines and use a plastic bench instead of sofa. Also, we won’t stay long here in Thailand. We have dreams to explore greener pasture. It’s easier to live a place without too many expensive things to cling on. Also, instead of buying things for the house which we can live without, we better invest it to our siblings who are in college and for my mother-in-law’s medication. But I can’t wait to have that day that I’ll be shopping things and furniture for our own home. That time, expenses for the house will be worth it.

Market Day!

It’s Saturday once again. Time for household chores for a working mom like me. Time to go to market and buy fresh fruit veggies and fruit and time for family bonding- breakfast in the market, marketing with sis-in-law and with our hubbies bringing the heavy goods. Happy Saturday to all! It’s raining in here. Feels right to me coz it’s kinda hot in here for the past days. A light pouring of the rain is welcome to cool the day but a heavy downpour would surely spoil the weekend.


a glimpse of me doing a purchase on our “suki”


Hyzyd is looking forward for Market Day too! It’s his chance to explore the outside world aside from house, school, church and playground:)


Songkhran Festival 2012

It’s the day where many people went out on the back of pick-up trucks armed with water barrel filled with icy water and water guns. For us, we prefer to station ourselves in front of our soi (lane) to douse motorcyclists and everybody who pass by our street. It’s our first time especially for our lil boy. We had so much fun and no one complained about getting wet as April is very very hot!

Making the Rainy Days Better

I love rain IF it pours at night. The sound of the raindrops splattering on our roof is a sweet sound for me that could lull me to a deep slumber. Besides, you don’t need to turn on your airconditioner unit or fan to enjoy the coldness of the night. But when it rains the whole weekend, I think it’s a natural tendency that we could treat the day as a real bummer since you can’t normally do what you want to do outside of the four walls of your home.

But we can’t do anything if it’s really rainy season! Instead of grumbling why not be grateful of rain. Rainy days don’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. There are some things that you can do to take advantage of the bad weather:

1. Have a Movie Marathon . Last weekend the rain is pouring so hard! Because we can’t go out for strolling , we saw it as a privilege for us to catch up on our favorite shows and movies- No Ordinary Family, Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song, Race to the Witch Mountain, A Heartbeat Away, Johnny Kapahala and many more! It’s nice to snuggle on bed – hubby, my boy and me with hot chocolate and peanuts!

2. Catch Up On Some Reading – While my hubby and son slept soundly in the afternoon (the rain made them sleep for more than 2 hours!) , instead of blogging or watching another movie, I decided to catch up on some reading. If you weren’t able to finish reading a book or magazine that you had for quite a while already, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to do so. Grab a book or a magazine, and enjoy it with a good cup of hot chocolate.

3. Spend Time With Your Loved Ones – One of the best things that you can do during a rainy day is to simply spend the day with your loved ones, whether it be your partner, family or friends.  Tis is what I did last weekend and I totally love it! Simply being together is a great experience to have, especially if you aim to improve and strengthen your bond with one another. Spend this time to reconnect and talk.

We can make rainy days better (though you’ll be force to keep your prada sunglasses in your drawer for a while and you can’t show them off…LOL!). Don’t fight it, enjoy it. Let’s remember what Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said “The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.”

Drinking Water

Here in Thailand, people don’t drink tap water. Bottled water is the norm. Hauling large quantities of bottled water from the store is not necessary. Large containers of bottled water can be delivered to your door on a regular schedule by water vendors. As for us, I had the phone number of our water vendor. Every time we run out of drinking water, we just call him up and he’ll be in our doorstep after few minutes. The drinking water that we ordered is the special one – 25 baht per container instead of the usual 12 baht. It’s much expensive because of the upgraded reverse osmosis systems used. We’re really sure that this type of system remove an extremely broad range of contaminants , thus, we’re safe with it.

If you happen to visit Thailand, here are a few Thai phrases on water:

nam plao — plain water (no bottle)
nam kowat — bottled water
nam tom — boiled water
nam duem — drinking water (could be any of the above)
nam yen — cold water
nam kang — ice
nam rawn — hot water
nam un — warm water for taking a shower (e.g., a hotel feature)
nam sohm — orange juice
nam manow — lemon or lime juice