3 Important Tips When Buying Lingerie

Shopping online is very convenient these days! A friend of mine who’s selling Avon products gave me Avon’s site where I could browse their online catalog and will just list down what I want and give the list to my friend so that she could buy them for me. This is where I usually shop for my lingerie . I remembered that this is where I shopped for plus size lingere a month after I gave birth to Hyzyd. Thankfully, I lost weight and now I can shop for lingerie with my old size.

When you buy lingerie, what factors do you consider? Did you just grab something that looks appealing to you or something that may suit your needs?

My first pair of lingerie was bought from Avon store when I’m in Junior year in high school. They have this catalog where you could scan the pages for the perfect lingerie. As first-timer, I chose something that looks pretty well on the model. I came to believe that wearing that kind of lingerie could make me feel as sexy as the model. It did but as I grew up and evolved from skinny teen to chubby mom, I become knowledgeable on what to consider in buying lingerie. Buying lingerie is a very private thing and lingerie designers have taken that into consideration. You do not have to buy a certain type of lingerie just because it looked good on a certain movie star or because it looks spectacular on your BFF. Lingerie is something you wear next to your skin so when you are buying lingerie, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Buy for You. It is amazing how many women forget to do that. You need to buy lingerie for yourself since you are the one who will be wearing it. Make sure it is something that appeals to you personally and that it is one you would enjoy wearing. There are so many colors and designs when it comes to lingerie, from red satin types to others made from natural fabric; choose what works for you.

2. Buy for Your Body Type. Lingerie is definitely not a one-size-fits-all affair. Each body type has particular lingerie that fits it and there is no longer any reason for a plus sized woman to be forced into wearing lingerie that was designed for a smaller sized woman.

3. Comfort is Important. If you are uncomfortable, it would be difficult to feel sexy so make sure that the lingerie you pick is one you feel comfortable in. Remember, you will probably be wearing your panties for the whole day, and you definitely don’t need something that keeps you squirming.

It is important to remember that lingerie is first and foremost for you. While it is fine to buy for the enjoyment of your partner or spouse, the fact is that enjoyment is going to be derived from yours. So choose comfort and go with what works for you. Buying lingerie is worth the investment.

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