Food for thought for January 2014

Here’s an excerpt from our Pastor’s sermon last Sunday (I wrote it here to remind me):

1. Our Pastor could determine how we are for the day (either we’re happy, inspired, depressed, frustrated) based on the time we arrived in church. He’s right. When I wake up on the other side of the bed, I usually arrived in church late:(

2. The moment you wake up, discipline your mind to think first on God instead of things you need to do and accomplish.

3. Are you sick and tired of being poor? Then seek God. Don’t give up! Be persistent! Be honest to him and He’ll give you the answer.

One Bible teacher says: ‘Don’t miss out on any of it…God is love, and when you release love, you release God, and He becomes responsible for the outcome. Release love every moment into every situation, every prayer and every thought …It will strengthen…and cast out fear…it’s the one solution that always works.’

Praise and Worship Ministry

I grew up in church. As Pastor’s kids we’re expected to get involve in every church’s ministry- children’s ministry, youth ministry and Praise and Worship ministry. I remembered that I started leading the Praise and Worship at age 9. My mother used to put a stool for me behind the pulpit in order to be seen . My brother who’s next to me started playing the guitar at age 8. Those who are new in church will wonder who’s the guitarist because my brother is so small and the guitar totally cover him..he..he…I’m not so good in singing but my brother said my voice will sound good if we use high-end microphone like akg microphones. These microphones are what singers usually used.

To date, I’m not involved in Praise and Worship team but I made myself available if the team are out of town . I’m just grateful to serve wherever I am.

Businesses I want to manage in the future

If I have a choice, would I want to be a teacher? Yes, I do want to be a teacher but at the same time I want to manage a business. It could be a printing press business using the latest web-to-print software development, the eoncode or manage an online fashion store. I’m also drawn to the possibility of managing a restaurant featuring Thai menus or a school! The possibilities are endless. All I need is to pursue my post-graduate studies and save a capital for the business. It’s free to dream, right?

The day I thank God for Plumbers and Pipe Repair!

Something happened yesterday that made me thank God for the plumbers!

Early morning yesterday while I’m taking a bath, I heard a loud noise suggesting that something ceramic is broken! When I get out from the bathroom I saw my brother limping half unclad! You guess it right. He’s using the old toilet seat downstairs and it broke to pieces!

We called the plumber of the house and I appreciated the quick response. We called him around 6:30 am and he’s at home around 8:00 am. For less than an hour, he finished setting up the newly-bought toilet seat.  To maximize his time, we also let him do some pipe repair of the leaky faucet in the kitchen and the clogging of the toilet upstairs.

You see, never underestmate the job of plumbers! Without them, who would do the dirty jobs for us?

However, there are preventative plumbing maintenance we can learn by own to help us save a lot of money by preventing the need for large repairs.

Bathroom Maintenance:

1. Do not flush tissue paper, cotton balls, facial tissues or make-up pads,  sanitary products or even loose hair in your toilet. Obviously, these items  do not dissolve and can clog the lines. Toss them away in your trash container in your bathroom.

2.  See to it that your strainers are fitted to catch hair and soap chips. Clean the strainers regularly.

3. Once a week run hot water down the drain to help keep it free-flowing.

Kitchen Maintenance:

1. Never put your carrot peels , mango peels , fibers of your string beans or even fish scales and poultry skins into your garbage disposer. Throw them directly to your trash container.

2.  After frying , don’t just pour used oil down the drain. Dispose them directly in the trash. Then, wipe congealed grease from pots and pans with a paper towel and dispose of in the trash.3. Run cold water down the drain for 15 seconds before and after using the garbage disposer to flush waste through the line.

Homeowners shouldn’t overlooked the importance of the plumbing system in the home. Like owning an automobile, your home also needs regular maintenance and upkeep. Don’t hesitate to choose a trusted plumber- not just a plumber in name but someone who’s highly skilled professional trained not only to unclog toilets and install new faucets. He should be someone who can  protect your home from damage.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

How to help the Typhoon Sendong Victims

 When Hatyai City was hit by flood , we’re informed and partially emotionally ready…but when it actually happened (around 10:30 PM) and reached 3 meters high (no one expected the water to rise more than a meter) I’m in panic. I never felt such kind of fear that brought chill to my spine. I prayed soooo hard liked I’ve never done before. I didn’t sleep until I’m sure that the water stopped rising. After 3 days, the water started to recede. Imagine the mess it made- our place is strewn with mud, garbage and debris…and no water! 

The flood that covered Hatyai City last November 3, 2011
I’m really touched with our Thai neighbors. They’re soo concerned about us that everybody’s giving fresh milk to Hyzyd. Some gave us bottles of mineral water. They gave us two packs of relief goods -rice, canned goods, noodles, oil and soy sauce.  I’m impressed of how fast the government send help to the victims. I even saw the previous Prime Minister near our area. He personally visited Hatyai City and helped on giving relief goods. Thanks God for our friends who visited us and hand us food and diaper.
Since then, every time I heard about floods, I whispered prayers to the victims. I’ve been in their shoes! I’m really put into grief when I learned that Typhoon Washi (locally known as Sendong) caused flash flood that swiped off lots of houses, belongings and the worst, lives in Cagayan de Oro City and Iligan. They’ve experienced much worst than what I experienced. It came like a thief in the night when everybody’s soundly sleeping. They were helpless when it happened. I think, we can help them.

Here’s how :

Visit  Philippine Red Cross and you can donate online (credit card, paypal, online banking, megalink, Bancnet, GCash

Text REDAMOUNT to 2899 (Globe) or 4143 (Smart)


You can donate the following denominations:
Globe: 5, 25, 100, 300, 500 or 1000
Smart: 10, 25, 50, 100, 300, 500 or 1000
And did you know that you can send your old clothes and other useful materials for the victims of Typhoon Sendong to ANY LBC and JRS BRANCH AND THEY’LL SEND IT TO CDO/ILIGAN FOR FREE?

Your help (even in small ways) could save lives. Give LOVE (through your monetary assistance, time and effort) on CHRISTMAS. This is the best Christmas gift we could offer to the people of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City. On the other hand, we at Pinay Mommies Community (PMC) accepts donation to help the victims buy food, clothing and drinking water. We can’t help all the victims but at least we could make a difference and bring hope to some of the victims . You can send your donations via paypal addressed to and place “PMC Cares” on your subject.
You can visit Pinay Mommy Online for other options to help CDO and Iligan City victims.