White Wednesday: The Wedding Gown

The first time I joined White Wednesday, I was planning on featuring all the white stuff of my wedding first before anything else…first, the veil and hair jewel, next are the windows with me as the background…he..he…It was one of the two featured photos over there. Thanks for the pretty hostess, Ms. Raya for the beautiful adjectives you used to describe about me..he..he…and now for my entry:

My wedding gown


White Wednesday: White Window

If we had our own home, I would love to have a window such as the one above. It’s big, beautiful and white. It looks so neat and clean. When you open it, it seems like you’re welcoming a positive thing in your life. Just as I open this window on our wedding day, it’s a prophetic act that even if doors of opportunities are closed, God is capable of providing lots of windows of opportunities to carry on the calling He has intended for me and for my family.

White Wednesday: Veil and Hair Jewel

I joined lots of color memes-pink, green, orange and now WHITE! I love white because it looks so pure, clean, so blessed . It reminds me of how God died for me to cleanse me and make me “White”. To start with, I plan to feature my wedding gown coz it’s what I had in mind when I found out about this meme but I noticed that most entries featured wedding gowns already so I’ll have that one next time. Instead, I have this:

the veil and this hair jewel that sparkle and shine